Author Topic: Legality vs. perceived legality and culture in Thailand and other countries  (Read 2315 times)

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I was still in the grip of a grey day when I was going through the airport in Koh Samui and was feeling fairly insecure and paranoid at the time. My co-ordination was not 100% and I was wondering what happened if I freaked out in the airport. Visions of Bangkok Hilton's and firing squad's flashed before my eyes. Then after I got some sleep I could see it was an over-reaction caused by a fevered mind.

Now though I wonder what would have happened if someone had an absolute train-wreck of a trip and caused mayhem. What about someone who had life-threatening bradycardia and needed to be hospitalised. What about someone who was detoxing off large amounts of opioids, went rogue and this needed to be disclosed. Would the Thai authorities and hospital staff be reassured by the fact that this is an unregulated substance? I wonder how this would swing in a country where foreigners are not really seen as equals and may have less clout with the authorities ( although possibly sometimes they have more and can bribe their way out of trouble)