Author Topic: I want to take ibogaine every week  (Read 7305 times)

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Re: I want to take ibogaine every week
« Reply #15 on: September 10, 2013, 04:47:01 PM »
Allan Watts did sometimes come off as a little know-it-all, but I still think his books and lectures brought much understanding in my life that I otherwise would not have learned as soon as I did. He was an alcoholic, but then again, so was Chogyam Trungpa, but it doesn't diminish the effects of sharing their wisdom.

Pranayama and super consciousness (sold as transcendental meditation here in the west) are both great methods of establishing a sustained, grounded state following a flood. I did this after aya, mushrooms and dmt breakthroughs, and it worked rather well, but I took it for granted, overextended myself, and burned myself out. So, I am going to flood soon, in hopes that I can get a fresh slate to initiate an integration period that makes it easy to stay grounded while practicing meditation.

PM me if you want me to share the actual method of super consciousness, including the mantra and how to use it. I learned nsr, which uses a modified mantra based on neuroscience, and it works pretty well, its just all about commitment and discipline.