Author Topic: Difference between 20 grams of Iboga root bark and 1500mg 1,5grams TPA HCL  (Read 3055 times)

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Hi there
I wonder if anybody would let me knwo about his experiences and differences between taking 20 grams of Iboga root bark and 1500mg TPA HL 95% extract.

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Hi Robert1218,

Welcome to Eboka!  I have never done a RB flood but I do know it can be fairly difficult to get that much RB down, it is easier with the TA for sure.  The HCL is going to be faster in and out.  The TA is going to stick around a bit longer, I believe.  There is quite a bit of info on the three here.  What would you be using for?  Detox?  I think this would make a difference on what you might choose.  Have you had your heart checked out and all of that?  Make sure that is done before you consider a flood.  Nice to have you here and any more info you could give us would be helpful.