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Dosage advice
« on: September 25, 2013, 05:11:33 AM »
Hello everybody,

I am in the preparation phase of flooding with iboga.
I discovered iboga a few months ago and was very excited to hear about it. Though I realised afterwards that I'd actually heard about it many years ago, but never quite put two and two together. Anyway I'm here now and looking forward to meeting with this tree of knowledge.

My question is about dosage. I have some TA from IbogaWorld but I wanted to check dosages with people here. It has been suggested that I take 2.3gms. I am female and weigh about 55 kilos. Does this sound right to you?
Personally I thought that 2gms might be better.
I am not taking it for addiction issues, but for psycho-spiritual and health benefits.

I am planning on doing some micro-dosing first, then taking a test dose, and then finally doing a flood.
I have found that I am often quite sensitive to things, so want to be careful.

I have also read that at IbogaHouse they do two flood doses in a fairly short timeframe. One as a detox for the system, and then a couple of days later another for more psycho-spiritual ones.
Do you think that is a good way to go?