Author Topic: Salvia or Iboga for Psychedelic Re-Grounding  (Read 2993 times)

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Salvia or Iboga for Psychedelic Re-Grounding
« on: December 24, 2013, 12:44:25 PM »
I also posted this in the Salvia forum on the DMT Nexus, but I think it also could apply to Iboga, as another kappa-opioid agonist:

In my experience, these substances take ones consciousness *down* into self-knowledge, rootedness, bare pragmatism, and physicality. As opposed to tryptamines, MDMA and other psychedelics, which *elevates* one into more ethereal, energetic realms of boundless love and perception.

The Yin and Yang analogy could work here; classical psychedelics are expansive and elevating, whereas Salvia and Iboga are contractive and grounding.

Anyway, my point is that I feel that these substances could help someone who has been feeling ungrounded from a psychedelic experience--someone who wishes to reconnect with their pragmatism and not be thinking in terms of spirituality all the time.

Why do I think this?

a) I once read a report of someone coming down instantly from meth-induced psychosis (or was it cocaine-induced?) after smoking a bowl of Salvia.

b) My personal experience is that I feel more grounded, perceptive, and serene after taking Salvia. During the experience, I am able to analyze my own spiritual-type thinking. It's as if these thoughts reach a climax and I see how they play out in my mind, usually in silly or weird ways. In the aftermath of the experience, I am able to see that those thought patterns were getting in the way of me living my life happily. They gradually slip away, like knots that have been untied.
c) Kappa-opioid agonism is correlated with reduction in OCD-like symptoms. And I believe that obsession with spiritual ideals (gratitude, unconditional love, being in-the-moment) could be a form of OCD. Of course these things are important, but sometimes people obsess.

Your thoughts?