Author Topic: Is it possible to microdose with Bark to get through heroin withdrawals?  (Read 1734 times)

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Hi everybody, glad I found this site.

I have been reading a lot about Iboga microdosing, and would like any advice on this matter.

Ok so I've been using heroin for 1 week, I started heroin and codeine about 6 months ago, am 34 years old. I've been doing H on and off since then, when I don't have H i use codeine in 120mg. I have not been doing opiates everyday for 6 months, have had a month here and there clean.

My question is it possible I can microdose with Iboga RB  though heroin withdrawals? I was clean for about 1 month before I started H a week ago. I have no plans in going to a opiate addict path. I first got on codeine for knee Osteoarthritis, from there heroin seemed to be the option for my pain, but anyway am ready to put all this behind me. All I want to know is would 900mg of bark for 4-5 days help me past heroin withdrawals. I was only doing 2 bags a day for a week.

would welcome any ideas and experience from any of youz.

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Hello Eclipse, welcome to Eboka.
I haven't been on here for quite a while myself, but am still passionate as ever about iboga.

900mg of root bark would be a very limited amount to get through withdrawals. It will help, but it would make it a tough ride.
I would experience one day with 1.5-3 grams of root bark and see how you react. *Don't do any drugs during this experiment should you try.
From there you can get a feel for how you will react.

If at all possible since it sounds like you are not using much you may want to look into a flood dose on the smaller end. Having the experiment above will help for knowing your dosage should no other medical conditions need to be considered.

Can you get 3-4 days off from work or responsibilities? If so, I would look into a smaller flood dose.

1 word of caution...a flodd dose on the smaller side can be rougher on the conscious for some people. They don't take enough to "break through" and being in between on an  iboga dose make it tougher for some people.

Hope that helps.
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