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Unhappy with deleted post regarding not having ibogaine again

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I would be grateful for a discussion on why this post was deleted

It's a clear and concise summary of very good reasons why I won't have Ibogaine again.

I do think it was the Ibogaine in the person who actually made the decision.

Normal everyday people would welcome all parts of a discussion especially if it was not meant to cause harm or done in a decent, even helpful and insightful (as I have had ibogaine a fair few times all to fairly positive effects, life changing definitely).

Sure it does go with the cut and dry, no room for discussion vibe of the Iboga entity that often permeates this forum. But again, I'm welcoming discussion.

i just saw that, it is in the compost pile - indeed, i too wonder - why? i mean, i am a defender and an advocate of the medicine as a medicine - i dedicate a lot of my time in arguing against the common bias that the medicine is either a drug or evil or otherwise something else but: a medicine.
surely this discussion has a place here - no? maybe it is just a misunderstanding?

Iboga Panacea:
Not just that but many legitimate posts were put in compost.  Maybe the forum was hacked makes no sense to me. 

Iboga Panacea:
I think they were all composted at once, many threads, check it out no one singled you out because the other ones composted on the same day were also valid.  I have no idea what happened maybe lala can find out she's the most helpful mod to ever be on eboka. 

Hi Zingdoozer,

Yes, this forum was somehow hacked. Someone got in and somehow deleted a LOT of legitimate threads. I will look into unearthing them. Yes, it appears that on May 30 this year, about 60 (!) threads were deleted by one user who is not even a mod.

I personally found your thread very interesting. Though I did not agree with your conclusion that Iboga had a will that was not aligned with your own, your words made me think very deeply, and I always like that.

Okay, I've restored the topic for you. Now I'll look into restoring the rest of them in an efficient manner.



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