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« on: June 25, 2014, 01:14:13 AM »
Hello everyone. I have been trying to plan a flood to help with my opiate habit. If this works out,it will be my second flood. The first time was to get off methadone in 2011.
 I had planned to have a friend sit for me. Unfortunately,this isn't going to work out. After speaking with this person about the upcoming plan,I don't feel 100 percent safe doing a flood at his house. He said" I don't mind you coming for the weekend ,as long as you don't ask for help going to the toilet". Now, I don't feel going to his house is an option to flood....
  Anyhow, I have been reading here on the forum about "Stacking". The thread that caught my interest is titled "There are no shortcuts to redemption". It details how one of our former members had success with stacking. He tells how he used TA,one gram the first night,half gram the second night,two more the third ect... In other words,using the Ibogaine in low doses over a period of nights to help assist him detox off methadone. I am now wondering if this might be an option for me?
  What do you guys know about stacking,and would it be an effective alternative to a full flood?
 I have one gram HCL, two grams TA, and a bunch of 300 mg RB caps.
 I know I shouldn't rush this..... I'm tired of the lifestyle that goes with being an addict. If I can't find a suitable sitter in the next few weeks, I am interested in trying this method. Any feedback anyone has will be welcomed. Thank you.