Author Topic: Pleasure to join the community -- I'll be having my first Iboga soon  (Read 2141 times)

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Hi all,

 I'm waiting eagerly for some Iboga Rootbark and wanted to get some opinions from all you experienced Iboga users out there.

I understand the root bark is much more severe on the system for flood dosages but works quite well for micro doses.

I'm quite a fan of micro dosing B Caapi and am considering using this method. I am also thinking about making a TA extract and doing a flood dose (if making such an extract is possible with 20g of root bark)

Does anybody actually enjoy using Root Bark for flood doses?

Intentions are two-fold --- to experience the power and the spirit of Iboga while also hoping to do with lingering recreational / habitual use of certain opiates

For those in the know about Iboga -- how does micro-dosing compare to a flood dose for the introspective / psycho-spiritual and anti-addiction properties?

Bancopuma, your thread here is quite fantastic but has me wondering whether to do root bark micro doses or an extraction and attempt a TA flood.

And on the other end of the scale what can't micro dosing do that a flood dose can?

 I'm healthy in my 30s and have dealt with very strong Ayahusca doses before. I enjoy a good purge.

My Aya doses I have always done solo. I know Iboga solo is frowned upon ... so I will have a sitter available (my partner) but nit a healer per se. 

If I do micro dosing my initial plan was to micro dose 1 gram of RB for a few days and see how I'm feeling.

If all is good I may extract TA from 6 or 7 grams --- which I believe would still be sub flood.

Does this sound at least reasonable? Would this at all help with habit issues?

One final question if I may --- has anyone combined Iboga micro doses with anything else I have in my toolkit?

I have most of my favorite Aya mixtures and admixtures - and psylocybe mushrooms. Could they be combined with micro / mini dose and produce effect? Or in your experience does Iboga like to work alone?

Peace and Light,


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Re: Pleasure to join the community -- I'll be having my first Iboga soon
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2014, 12:58:17 AM »
Hi Awooga! I like the username.

Really good questions you have. Your questions are questions I am still searching the answers for, but nevertheless have some experience exploring.

In my experience with microdosing... anything, whether it's Iboga or mushrooms or whatever--I have a growing personal theory that it ultimately doesn't matter how long it takes you to take a certain amount of an entheogenic substance. In other words, the impact of taking 2g of mushrooms in one day equals the impact of taking .125g every other day over the course of 16 days. The experience will of course be different, but I believe that when you microdose, certain things happen in your life that would not have otherwise, and THOSE things, those interactions with people, work opportunities, new relationships, etc. become the experiences in which you transform.

So, I believe a microdosing period could be treated as one long, slow, subtle trip. If you are willing to recognize this and be open to it, I believe that you can make the spiritual and lifestyle changes (including those regarding your addictions) you wish to make during this period (and afterwards).

The obvious differences between microdosing and floods is that microdosing usually lacks the visions and the purge. It also lacks the ataxia and physical danger.

One sidenote: Your microdosing experience may be more fruitful if you flood first, because then you'll have a better idea of what the energy is that you are working with.

As for mixing Iboga with other things: Definitely don't mix B Caapi with microdosing or any other MAOI. Even weak maois, like St. Johns Wort or Rhodiola rosea.

My experience is that when I mix anything remotely psychoactive with Iboga, the spirit reminds me, sometimes harshly, that it works alone.

The Iboga spirit is about drawing from YOUR healing energy. It is about YOU. You are the magic maker, the psychoactive, the healer. Now, I have heard really great reports of people using mushrooms in the wake of an Iboga flood, and if I recall correctly, during microdosing as well. This is something I'd like to try--after the main effects of Iboga are gone.

Iboga is about sinking your roots down into the Earth. Mushrooms are more for the flourishing of the leaves and branches. Just my personal interpretation.