Author Topic: The sound of various sorting algorithms and the ibogaine buzz sound  (Read 3637 times)

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I recently made a program that applies sorting algorithms to lists and outputs notes as it proceeds. When the algorithm is applied fast enough, it produces sounds that reminds (to some extent) of the typical buzz sound that is often heard on ibogaine. I'm linking a video here as an example:

In this video, from 0:13 to 0:29, the sound reminds (to some extent) of the said buzz sound.

What do you think?

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Re: The sound of various sorting algorithms and the ibogaine buzz sound
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2014, 06:02:39 PM »
Sorta. I can pinpoint two distinct audio "distortions" when I take Iboga. One is probably similar to what you're describing: sort of a "wwwooowwwwoooowwww" sound, or even an "eeeeeeaaaaaooooowwwww........eeeeeaaaaaaooooowwwwwww" sound.

The other is an almost electrical fuzzy sound that emanates from fabric rubbing. It's like I can hear the frequency at which the individual threads of a woven fabric are rubbing over other striations of threads. Or something. My hearing becomes VERY acute. Like, I could hear a sound bounce of each individual surface in the room.

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Re: The sound of various sorting algorithms and the ibogaine buzz sound
« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2014, 08:40:14 AM »
Yeah, RhythmSpring - I know exactly what you mean about the 'rubbing fabric' auditory hallucinations. Whenever I'd roll my head to one side or another, the contact with the pillowcase was loud and - freaky...after a brief fascination it also became a teensy bit aggravating for me... anyways, the sound always reminded me of those cheap plastic hollow tubes that you can swing around and they make this far-out whistling noise, it oscillates - these toys were popular swimming pool toys also. Anybody know what I'm talking about? They had like a kinda corrugated - ness to them and made these really weird noises. Anyways that's the impression I always got.

That buzzing sound, to me, was always the first real signature that the voyage was fast underway - abruptly following an initial cognitive/mental alert , it means the check was fo sho in the mail...That sound came on very early and stayed at a constant level the entire trip. No matter what else I experienced, the incessant buzzing never failed, nor did it change pitch or scale up or down. Occasionally the hum/buzzing/what have you - would pan very clearly from side to side, and it seems like when this happened I would always try to find out what 'caused' it, but I never did get my answer. Sometimes, it [the bzzzzz] would take a backseat to some intense visionary part of the trip, then afterward I'd find my attention fixed on it again, and the transitional 'aspect ratio' from one focus to another would go undetected. Just another way iboga's unique qualitative expressions manifest: It's a weird phenomenon, not in any way 'bad' or creepy enough to put you off, but neither is it comfortable or easy to shrug off. The sheer peculiarity of the thing would invariably draw my attention back to it at various times during a flood.Personally, I found it to be another effect of flooding which I consider disorienting.
  There's very staccato, stroboscopic feeling to the main thrust of the flood, the experience doesn't move in flowing or undulating patterns the way everything else in our psychedelic portfolio does - yet somehow there were always enough parts of the whole which I found wonderful and fascinating enough that whatever strange, disjointed, unfamiliar vibrations I experienced never made for anything like a bad experience on the whole. I can't say I enjoy auditory hallucinations, nor has anything ever come near to presenting them in such copious amounts and with such insistence as high dose iboga - such a universally experienced meme must contain inside itself some rare and potent means of healing, something which could not abide in any other particular.
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