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how much and how they know
« on: February 13, 2015, 06:30:14 AM »
Perhaps it's ridiculous but
How do the shaman to know how much iboga he must give at the person?? Iboga talk to him?? or it's by instinct?or it's when the person vomit the first time??
Because some person are more receptive  so 10 grs for you it's perhaps 50 grs for me to have the same travel??

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Re: how much and how they know
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2015, 02:55:12 PM »
That is a really good question.

I would not call myself a shaman, you know some Tungus people have expressed dismay at the global use of the term, but I can answer some things from my experience.
Best term I've heard for a person who is a healer that uses sacraments, so far, is medicine carrier. Keeps ya humble, right?

Think of a medical iboga setting, how do they know how much to give?
Part of it depends on whether it is detox or psychospiritual, right?
A detox range can be anywhere from 12mg/kg-26mg/kg. A psychospiritual range can be anywhere from 6-8mg/kg-16mg/kg+. That's a lot of leeway!
How old is the person? Elders tend to need less. A seventy+ person I know reached a full flood on 6mg/kg. No joke.
How is the liver function? A compromised liver situation should be approached with dosing caution.
If a person has a habit, what kind and how strong, and for how long? This can impact the dose recommended.
There's more, of course.

A non medical setting, that stuff above should still be taken into consideration.
But one can add more.
Has the person had experience with 'psychedelics' before?
Do they have a spiritual discipline?
How sensitive are they to other 'psychedelics' like marijuana?

Something I've observed, a person can be exquisitely sensitive to psychedelics, and need more than anticipated with 'boga. A person can be an extreme 'hardhead' with psychedelics, and go off the charts at a low dose of 'boga. Why?

So when I am gauging what a person might require, I always ask.
I ask a general question of iboga, my highest self, their highest self, and also leave it open to spirit guides and instinct.

You ask if 'boga talks to a person. You said 'him', but I'm a 'her' who is answering.
The short answer is yes. But depending on how a person receives information, it might be like an audible answer, or it might be an instinct, or it might even be that all the medicine somehow gets 'lost' except for what the person needs at the time. So many ways for one to receive information from 'otherworlds'.
Vomiting is a gauge for a lot of things. Dosing, tolerance to medicine, how toxic the physical and other bodies are. That's a big subject to talk about.

Can you refine your question? What do you most want to know?

At this point in my practice, a person approaches me about 'boga, and most of the time I know instantly the best approach. If it's not instant, I pray and do divinations. Sometimes the best approach is for me not to work with them at all. Other times, it's a six month process of microdoses, nothing more. Other times, it a massive dose, but only after other processes in their life have been attended to. Sometimes, I think I know very well what to do, but get radically different instructions while I'm in the process, which I listen to, as variables can change in an instant.

Can you refine your question? There are great folk here who will be happy to chime in.

Okie dokie.