Author Topic: 'Nganga Dust' Iboga Keif  (Read 3950 times)

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'Nganga Dust' Iboga Keif
« on: February 20, 2015, 06:54:35 PM »
Dry extract as one would with herb extras.  First thoroughly grind the raw root bark (I use the vita mix dry container personally).  Next through a screen print or other fine mesh sized between 110m-300m thread, the dust is fine and vibes pure.  Shake, shake, shake I think it's the ancient brought with the extraction.  Only way I'll even consider traveling with Big Dada Eboka.  Just an attempt to give back for what I've been given here.  I'll explain no further on the tek other than to say it is simple. 

The only dosage reference is between 800mg-1gr of the 300m has me on the Father current and about 3.5-4gr to flood visions (185lb).
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Re: 'Nganga Dust' Iboga Keif
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2015, 03:21:32 AM »
Hey Kampum, been a while since I stopped by. The journey continues.
It is good to see you.

Can you explain a little more about your post?
I understand these parts; grind RB, screen/mesh, travel w Pops, etc.

I couldn't grasp the ancient brought with the extract and "between 800mg-1gr of the 300m has me on the Father current and about 3.5-4gr to flood visions (185lb)."

All the best to you brotha-boga.
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Iboga Panacea

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Re: 'Nganga Dust' Iboga Keif
« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2015, 01:54:18 AM »
So glad to hear from you fellow kindred!

I was just giving dosage information in a cryptic way.  The 300m is the finest mesh I use and gets what amounts to as dust.  You have to cover the top with a lid otherwise the dust escapes and next thing you know Iboga dust is going direct to your lungs and nostrils, coughing and then bam...accidental locomotive.  Rigorous shaking, grinding and dancing.

Feel free to PM or email me any questions you might have.  I hope we can collaborate some day, your a hearty brother.  Overall I don't want money hungry entities making this a trend so that's why I was deliberately illusive in the recipe.