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help me
« on: February 26, 2015, 09:11:22 AM »
Hello friends! As well that I found your forum! I'm from Russia.In English almost no say.I am writing to you through an interpreter. I drank heavily the moment we accept microdose bark at 0.4 Gy, yesterday took 0.7 grams ,and on Sunday she should take a major dose of the extract of TA. iboga I bought on the IW website.
Live 15 all initially breakdowns every couple of months, then more often and last year we actually live so every 5 to 8 days she drinks 2 to 3 days.and not stopping until it hits.then 2 to 3 days need to sleep to recover.children have become accustomed.shorter horror.
I fought as best they could but she always runs away to drink and comes already drunk.
It in itself is very smart, very strong spirit but the demon alcohol it captured what it already does not recognize that there is a problem, though we kept all sorts of encoding, etc. To image is negative..horoscope Scorpio.There is in her life to have a bit of magic.could have something to wish and desire was fulfilled.and many such moments in life.Wondering on the maps themselves and the cards tell the truth too magical coincidence frequented.The last time, as often before, his wife runs off to drink to friends.I'm not running around looking for but I need to options.Heaviness in the fact that her problem is so deep because parents could enjoy.The father committed suicide mom had problems with alcohol.
Last year me through a friend sent iboga bark and extract THE one from France.but to extract something was made anhydride powder which we just removed the hands.took first 1G then 2.5, VEGA diet before 10days 3days almost starved before initiation.these days 10days took the bark 0.4, I had only the severity and cleaned a little.visualization was not.
The desire to smoke is almost gone but with the kind of life I have another cigarette.although now with his dependence can fight.Not to smoke and feel good.
Took with the intention to be the first to check iboga and to quit Smoking hashish who smoked 15 years.
Now I just want to save his wife from alcohol. I'm definitely sure that it should work.will coincide.I would only have to calculate the dose that would have worked.and I am sure that God is with her only inside a real demon who kills.Let she of course will be hard but in the end all will be well.The sitter of course I will.
To be treated it was not the intention, says that she's fine.But recently it Pjanoo very badly beaten on the street.only after she agreed to try iboga though he believes her nonsense and absolutely do not believe in it!

My question is in the dosage of extract of TA for the primary dose.can't decide between 2.5 and 3.5 gr.First decide 2.5 g so that the sum was figure 7. this is our and her lucky may laugh but even pin purchase of ibori was 713666!I think not only whether small dose? To risk her health not want but at the same time if you won't work the second time she will not agree.
she's 37 years old.weighs 61kg. Heart and liver we have not tested.I think that's all good although sometimes the nerves she could complain of heart and drink validol.But she has amazing health as she says heals on the dog.she is recovering very quickly always and even after that terrible beating already left almost no traces even though it's only 10 days.
Sorry for a confusing story, you know that ibaloi more preferably circumstances and thank you so much for your advice!

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Re: help me
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2015, 02:06:45 AM »
Hi Romanus!

Welcome to Eboka! I think I understand what you are trying to say though the translation is a bit rough.  Your wife has an Alcohol problem.  She is in otherwise good health and a good person but the Alcohol issue is her demon and causing a lot of problems for her..and you.  She sounds very sad because her father committed suicide and her mother has an alcohol problem so it could be part hereditary and part situational and of course the kicker she is a Scorpio!  ;)  You feel Iboga would help her because it helped you.  Is that part correct?  You have done Iboga?  It helped you quit smoking for a little while and helped you quit smoking changed your diet and it idid some good , yet you had no.  The stuff you had was contaminated?  This part I didn't quite understand.. it was contaminated but it worked.. except for the lack of visuals.  I did not understand the part where you said " Cut off the hands "  What does this mean?  Or did you do Iboga twice and once it was contaminated and the second time it cleaned you out?

 Anyways back to the wife.  You want her to be healed very badly, I can feel it.   Her alcoholism is not only affecting her and you but your children and this can lead to very bad things for their future.  Do you mind me asking if he children are girls or boys?  If you have girls, this could affect them worse than the boys.. there would be a good chance that they would end up in the same situation just like your wife's mother is an alcoholic.

Iboga can work wonders for alcoholism!  The thing is that the person being treated must really want it for it to last.  I have a very good friend who was one of the worst alcoholics I have ever met.. he would wake up in the middle of the night to take a swig of his vodka and go back to sleep (he is a Scorpio) He lost his home and was living in a sober house and could not drink, if he did he would be on the streets and he had already lived on the streets.  He did Iboga and afterwards for the first time ever, he said he never wanted a drop of alcohol again.  I do not even think his intention was to quit drinking.  He was sober (from Alcohol) for almost a year when a bike accident and a broken hip led him to drinking again.. BUT not for long and he is sober this day.  I never thought he would be sober.  In fact,  I thought I was an alcoholic before I can drink on occasion.. in moderation. I would not recommend anyone who uses Iboga for alcoholism to try this though.. I have realized I was just a drunk and not an alcoholic. point is it does work for alcoholism but there are some VERY important things.. Your wife MUST be sober and past the physical withdrawal of alcohol before considering a flood.  Alcohol detox can be very dangerous and deadly so she can not detox from it with Iboga but can use it after for the cravings.  She is microdosing now?  Is it helping?  She isn't drinking with it is she?  If she is microdosing and drinking, it won't work.  Alcohol pushes Ibogaine and noribogaine out of the system faster than may be the one thing that pushes it out.  If someone starts drinking soon after a flood they will waste it and ruin all the work Iboga is trying to do.  So until she is ready to quit there is no use in  microdosing unless it is keeping her from drinking.

How long has she been sober, if she has been sober?  Again, if you are planning on flooding her she must be for several days.. a week or longer?

I really hope she wants this.  Alcohol in my opinion is the worst drug.  It causes the most damage to people and society and is very harmful for the body.  I truly hope for your sake and the sake of your children that she wants this.  Iboga isn't a magic bullet, there is some effort needed.  I had another friend who is an alcoholic who took it and was drinking again in a few days... she said it did nothing for her cravings which I find very hard to believe but she does not want to is part of her identity and she says she will always be a drunk. 

I hope this helps and you understand it all,