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Forum or website idea?
« on: November 22, 2015, 08:48:19 AM »

In a few more months, I'll be done with the programming project I'm working on now, and after it, I want to start another project. I thought, perhaps, a website where people could share their experiences with ayahuasca in a traditional context, but I'd like to consider other ideas before making a decision.

Anybody here has forum, website or program ideas?

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Re: Forum or website idea?
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2015, 03:00:27 PM »
Howdy mate!

I think it would be a fun project for you to spend some energies on dude :)  With your presence here and wherever else you kick it online, I'm sure you've gained the 'feel' regarding fundamentals of forum operations, at least insofar as the major Do's and Don'ts concerning the people side of things...Pkeffect is the Nerd around here so mayhap he will chime in with some tips on the technical elements [which thankfully are few using the SMF templates] of launching and maintaining a discussion board. My advice would be to look around at the various boards which are currently active and get a feel for which way the wind is blowing; like, which sites are most popular and what is it that makes them popular in contrast to other, similarly matched [concerning areas like aesthetics forum moderation, etc] places. Likely you already have membership at a few of these places - so you can approach your project from that angle - considering how you would improve/grow the current forum where you're participating as a 'regular guy'...

At any rate, I am sure whatever you choose to create it will be a fun and informational endeavor , and may you have the most success at your projects man! For myself, when pk opened the doors to Eboka in 2009, we never thought it would catch on like it did, and its been alive and breathing on its own since the first twelve months...before social media came along and tempted the trolls and shills to ever louder gasconades - this place was -at that one time - the largest English speaking forum in the world dedicated to iboga(ine) discussions and I was always proud to be a part of that distinction. So if cats like me and Joe can be a part of something as arguably neato as this, I'm certain to see great things emerging from the Mind of dustrust :) Poke around to see where the most action is, what kinds of things are talked about most what is it that people seem to like most about the key places where respectable discourse is encouraged and authenticity is valued....bring your own flavor and coolness to the show and maybe discover some way to create a unique model or other distinctiveness that has yet to engage the will be really cool to find out where you go with your ideas if you do decide to make something yourself. I hope you do :) Best of luck in all things mate and thanks as ever for being a part of this place ~Cal
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