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NAC and affinity to Iboga
« on: October 29, 2016, 04:45:39 AM »
Hi Friends,

Over the past six months i have been using the Amino Acid, N-acteyl cysteine (NAC). My experience tells me that i have come across a little gem that seems to replicate some of the benefits of Iboga

Here is my understanding of why i feel that Iboga and NAC have an affinity, Research also seems to support my conclusion, however this is my understanding so check it out for yourself, please dont take my word for it:-

Ok, a brief introduction into my psyche:-

Childhood:- I was a handful as a child and if "ADHD" was around in my day im sure i would be labelled accordingly.
Late teens: Struggled with depression. found buddhism and meditation but also found the party seen and discovered mind altering substances. Enjoyed XTC, not the depression that followed and of course found cocaine in the same circles.
Adulthood: 20/ early 30s developed a cocaine and alcohol habit. I clearly sought refuge from my default setting and used these substances to change the channel so to speak.
Adulthood: early 30s to present, gradually loosened my addictive tendencies to destructive substances and found Ayahuasca and iboga as key allies in my abstinence.
The plants have shown me a mirror into my consciousness and my reliance/support on them is less than it was. My last Iboga session shown me my shadow self and gave me a clear understanding of my psyche and shown me that i have to also do the work on my own.

So...I have sought wellbeing through exercise, meditation, yoga,eating a Sattvic diet and taking supplements.
I am learning to manage my mind. The difficulty lies in the busyness (if thats a word) and constant mental chatter and heres where i have found NAC to be a small revelation:-

Heres why:-

NAC- Increases GABA and Serotogenic receptors
       - Reduces Glutamate ( the excititory neurotransmitter)
       - Increases Glutathione levels ( Glutathione is the bodies very own powerful antioxidant )
       - Kills off unwanted gut parasite
       - Increases histamine levels ( can be a pain the arse for those susceptible )
       - Research suggests that it reduces craving for substances and repairs the nucleus accumbens and ventral tegmental area of the brain ( associated with the reward pathways        and addiction )

Iboga -  is also a glutamate antagonist ( buffers against activiting glutamate receptors)
          -  Kills of unwanted gut parasite
          -  Increases histamine levels as above
          -  has an affinity to GABA and Serotogenic receptors
          -  Increases Glutathione levels
          -  - Research suggests that it reduces craving for substances and repairs the nucleus accumbens and ventral tegmental area of the brain ( associated with the reward pathways and addiction

How has this helped me:-

I take NAC as and when needed. If my mind is very busy then i will take NAC.
More content. No desire or fight to use substances to alleviate restlessness
more focused
Quietens the mind
Aids meditation practice
good for immune system and health in general

Too much can make me sleepy, so i have altered my dose accordingly.  I have tried to use l-tyrosine when i got flat but that just made me restless.

Just thought i would share with you.

There is alot of research linking mental disorders to high glutamate activity!!! There is enough research on NAC so look it up :-)