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Iboga Homeopathic
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§9 “In the healthy human state, the spirit-like life force that enlivens the material organism as dynamis, governs without restriction and keeps all parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital operation, as regards both feelings and functions, so that our indwelling, rational spirit can freely avail itself of this living, healthy instrument for the higher purposes of our existence.” Organon of Rational Healing – Samuel Hahnemann

I have often speculated about this aphorism, written in a very different time to ours, wondering how Hahnemann’s “higher purpose” would compare to ours. The reality of a homeopathic practice in the 21st century is a far more complex experience than it was in his times. I am frequently confronted with patients whose states of mind, experiences and “diseases” go far beyond anything written about in the Organon or other classical texts; who challenge my own beliefs about the nature of reality and inspire me to explore other models of healing.

Traditional shamanic healing practices and the medicines used by these healers have been an invaluable addition to my practice. In these traditions, health and disease are matters of spirit and much of disease is considered to be due to “soul loss”, a loss of some part of a patient’s essence. According to this model, soul loss can occur by being taken by another or as a result of such trauma as abuse, loss of a loved one, surgery, accident, addiction. The basic premise being that whenever we experience trauma, a part of us leaves in order to survive the experience, to escape the full impact of the pain. Much of our lives is then spent in search for these lost parts, generating dreams, choosing different spiritual paths, creating relationships that mirror back to us our missing parts. For deep healing, soul healing, these parts need to be recovered, returned to wholeness.

A wide variety of techniques are used for this traditionally, often involving deep journeys and healing with psychoactive plants such as Ayahuasca, Peyote (Anhalonium lewinii) and Tabernanthe iboga. These plants, used homeopathically, can also bring about “soul retrieval” and an opening to life’s purpose in a truly profound way.

The following are 3 cases supported by the latter remedy, a relatively new addition to our material medica:

Patient 1: LR, 35Yrs, Male

LR had already been in treatment with me for a year. He presented initially with chronic asthma and had been dealing with the traumatic effects of childhood sexual abuse. Ascending LM doses of Natrum muriaticum had brought him, free of asthma to a place of peace that he had never known before. Yet, there was something missing. He felt he needed to “embrace the creative force, the God energy inside me, that had been taken from me as a child”; he wanted to go “deeper into myself, to reveal the potential of who I am”; “something is missing in me, my root”; “I feel incomplete”.

He returned after 6 weeks on Tabernanthe iboga LM1:

“After the remedy I started dreaming of my family, my grandfather, dead ancestors, coming to me, welcoming me home. During the days, nature, especially trees, began to call to me, as if they were talking to me, reminding me to take care and respect our relationship, to find strength among them. I’ve never felt anything like that before!”

“I woke up night after night with beings in my bedroom, speaking to me telling me they were my relatives, long dead but who were with me now. They had committed horrible crimes and were waiting for me to help them heal. It was really pathetic to see their pain. One night, as I remembered having this experience as a child, I became filled with light, with the knowledge that there are parallel worlds to this one. I was shown horrible images that explained the culture of secrecy that had always been in my family. The light became stronger and an indescribable sense of love filled me. I saw their pain being dissolved by love and felt huge gratitude from my relatives”.

“Since that day, things are so different. Even if I try to close myself, the connection is still there. I am part of everything, everything is a part of me. But can I do this? Can I live like this? I want to ask the question, why? But I realise there is no why, any more. I won’t be complete until I finish this work”.

“Concerns that I had about work, material things have just fallen away. That way of thinking has become obsolete. I remembered dreams I had as a young boy of meditating alone in nature, feeling strengthened and then healing people with my hands. My hands are burning all the time. I know that the power to heal is there.”

“I have started having all sorts of psychic connections, synchronicities are everywhere. I’m having accurate premonitions all the time”.

After working with Iboga for a year, LR, now working as a healer, wrote to me:

“I feel so proud. It wasn’t easy and there will always be issues to be solved time to time, but I feel balanced and grounded now. It is time for me now to begin to work here, on earth, to be on this planet fully!!!”

Patient 2. BS, 44Yrs, Female

BS presented initially with cervical cancer. A painter by profession, her sensitive nature and symptoms were supported well by Phosphorus LM potencies for 18 months until her doctors informed her that she was cancer-free. She felt however, that her work was only just beginning and asked for support in “finding who I am and what am I really doing here”?

“I need to connect with the deepest part of me, the part that I can’t access. It feels like I lost this a long time ago. That it was frightened out of me. Without this, I feel like I will never be truly myself. I have this vague feeling that this part is being kept for me by my grandfather, who passed over (died) just after I was born. I know this sounds mad but I know it as fact”.

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Re: Iboga Homeopathic
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Destruction at all levels; the healing power of cancer
by Declan Hammond

lossJourneying with patients through cancer is one of the most challenging but also one of the most rewarding parts of my practice. Challenging, because it confronts both myself and my patients with all of the issues and taboos that most people spend their lives trying to avoid – death, disfigurement, loss, social isolation. Rewarding, because it invites us both to embrace our shadows, to journey into our personal underworld, and return to our lives, more fully alive, whole, more conscious of our place in the world. The following is one of the journeys I have been privileged to share in my practice.

L. is a 34 year old woman with cervical cancer, whose cervix had been eaten away by the malignancy. She presents with shooting, stabbing, tearing pains in her uterus. She has also suffered since her teens from incredibly painful menstrual periods, being bedridden with pain for up to 10-15 days per month, and from genital herpes. Vaginal warts were burned off when she was 16. She is prone to “splitting headaches” and to dry, scaly, itchy skin. She has had many vaccinations, to which she has reacted badly.

She was very thin and nervous, shaking and pacing about like a caged animal. Her history is extremely fraught: at home, she had to protect her mother and sisters from her father, a drunk who would go out of control and become physically and sexually violent. She took on a care-taker role for everyone, even those who raped and beat her, such as her drunken boyfriend.

Her boyfriend was later murdered. She was publically accused of his murder and described herself as having being “treated like an animal, torn to pieces” by the police and the tabloids. She, meanwhile lived in terror, knowing that the true murderer was still at large.

Her eight year old son was taken from her and put into care. She dreamt of rape, knives, violence, and of being a Jew in a concentration camp. “I always imagine the worst thing happening.” The destruction at every level, all through her ancestry as well as in her current complaints and the many deaths around her, led to an initial prescription of Syphilinum 10M.

Within two weeks she was able to spend time on her own without breaking down.  She stopped feeling so “outside herself”, a feeling which is typical for situations needing a deep remedy such as Syphilinum. “I’m usually desperate to be nice so that people won’t hurt me, not now.”

I have found that patients with cancer are usually “nice”, sensitive people who suppress their rage, their own individuality. It is often only after allowing their deepest feelings to surface, expressing their rage and pain that healing and release from the past is possible. (Any talk of “forgiveness” before that happens is usually a further suppression of these feelings).

L. spent 3 months on Syphilinum, ascending in LM potencies from LM1 to LM3, at which point she reported: “Now, I know there is a future; before that, all I could imagine was a horrible, painful death.”

When working with a patient through cancer, I will book in frequent follow-up appointments, up to twice a week, as needed. At every session, I ask “what do you need now?” The journey is rarely a straightforward one, old or new issues arise and these need to be addressed as they come up; changing remedies, potencies and therapeutic interventions as appropriate, to be truly homeopathic to the case.

For these 3 months, I saw Lyn weekly and she spoke at length of the pain she had suffered. At the end of this time, L. was “seething with indignation” at what had taken place in her life. Her next remedy, Staphysagria 10M, followed by 50M, then CM, took her further into her journey.

During her treatment, she was also prone to regular bouts of influenza-type symptoms. Nux Vomica 6X and Sulphur 6X, in alternating doses, were given for these. She experienced the bouts as “cleansings” of all the alcohol and “junk” food she had used to numb her feelings; the remedies functioned as a detox.

She gradually began to experience her grief in a really intense way, breaking down into tears and sobbing hysterically, out of control. At this point, Ignatia 10M was prescribed. It helped her dramatically but only lasted a few hours. It was re-prescribed as a liquid dose, succussed and then taken as required (as frequently as 5 times daily at the start, settling at single doses weekly).

Two months on Ignatia 10M brought her to a place of power, where she felt strong enough to ask for help. She started building a support network for herself; got in touch with good friends she had left behind and got rid of others she considered “toxic”. She became much more involved with the homeopathic consultations; became more assertive, telling me what she needed, and when she needed to see me.

A cancer cell has lost its sense of “self”, its true purpose in the body. Likewise most patients with cancer have lost their sense of themselves; their lives unlived, lost in caring for others or from being oppressed/suppressed by their life challenges. Becoming more assertive, attending to their own needs is a crucial step forward in the healing journey.

Six months into the treatment, Lyn’s painful menstrual periods had improved but still troubled her. Ascending potencies of Folliculinum from LM1 – LM4 brought these into balance, “for the first time in my life”. During this time, she explored finding a direction for her life; talked about “having a purpose” and “finding herself”.

L. was seen by her gynaecologist after 9 months of treatment. To his amazement, her cervix appeared healthy, no sign of malignancy.

renewalI saw her a number of times over the next 3 years. She enrolled in a college course, started a new relationship (her first “healthy” relationship), found a satisfying job, and “reclaimed” herself. She used Tabernanthe iboga from LM1 up to LM6 in this time; received an intercurrent dose of Syphilinum 50M, when she “lost her bearings” after some deep family abuse memories surfaced; had ascending potencies of intercurrent Carcinosin (200, 1M, 10M) over 6 months, when guilt and self-recrimination about her child clouded her recovery. (I have found Carcinosin, in one of its many forms, to be almost always needed at some stage in the cancer journey). During this time, L. became physically symptom-free, found peace in herself, and talked a lot about “death and rebirth”, “renewal”, “true life purpose”, “connection with family and ancestors” (all keynotes of this new remedy, that I was proving at the time).

As a homeopath, I have long noticed that in the energy field of my practice and of my life, I continually attract patients who stretch my ideas of what is possible; who teach me to move beyond myself. I am taught to be mindful of my own thoughts, belief systems, words and energy, and have learnt over the years that all of these affect my patients as surely as my remedies.

L.’s journey, so far from my own life, challenged my credulity, shocked me with its violence, pushed my prescribing into new areas, and showed me that to be homeopathic to her case, I had to be willing to prescribe any remedy at any time, in any order, and in any potency. She inspired me enormously with her courage, creativity, and willingness to transcend her horrendous history, and bring healing into her life, continually reminding me of Ben Gurion’s dictum: “Anyone who doesn’t believe in miracles, is not a realist.”

Keywords: cervical cancer, violence, physical and sexual abuse, concentration camp, nice, menstrual pains
Remedies: Carcinosinum, Folliculinum, Ignatia, Nux vomica, Staphysagria, Sulphur, Syphilinum, Tabernanthe iboga