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Greetings Everyone,

It has been a while since I have come around to lay down some information so here we go.

* We missed a milestone: registered by GKG.NET, INC. for Joseph DeArmond on 09-23-2010. Joseph DeArmond renewed on 08-26-2015 until 09-23-2016. - Happy belated Sun Orbit!
* After 3 people and 5 credit cards later my registar finally accepted payment for which was set to expire today. We are good for another year.
* On a personal note, I have not had a drink of alcohol since April 7, 2016. Woohoo!
Been working my ass off the past couple months with not much time for anything else. As the weather gets cooler here I will be having more time to get back to things web wise. If you all have any suggestions or issues please feel free to post them or message me.

The road less traveled is the one with the most to explore.


i like to try iboga TA Tincture but i don't know where i can order online?
any recommendation pls? i would really appreciate it  :-[

This is not the thread nor the place to ask that.


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