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« on: November 11, 2016, 10:22:18 AM »
Hi y'all,

Given iboga's plight in the wild, and my feeling that I have learned the core lessons I need to from it, I reluctantly sought out a source on behalf of two good friends who I felt could benefit greatly from an experience with it.

Myself and the two other guys consumed 10g of iboga TA we ordered through, split three ways between us. Obviously 3g of average potency iboga TA should have been an ample dose for each of us.

This would be one friend's first time with iboga, another friend's second time, and my fifth flood dose iboga experience, so I'm fairly well versed with this plant. On ingestion, this iboga failed to yield the effects roughly expected of iboga...what we all experienced were very nasty and ongoing intense electric brain zaps, very blood shot eyes, a general feeling of unease and uncomfortableness, and a feeling of lethargy, an exhaustion that lasted some days after the was half a week from dosing until we all felt back on form!

My first time ever consuming iboga, prior to my five flood experiences, I made the very foolish and reckless mistake of consuming a large quantity of iboga whole root, as oppose to the iboga [inner] root bark which is preferentially used and consumed. This was due to my own lack of education and research on this matter at the time, but it resulted in a prolonged, hellish experience, lasting five days, and over which electric brain zaps and very blood shot eyes were noted, and a feeling of being incapacitated, of lethargy and ataxia, which had me bed bound for the five days, and scared the hell out of my family. It goes without saying that I was keen to avoid any kind of repeat of this experience, for either myself or people I know.

Thus, going on my symptoms, it really seems to me that we were given a TA extract of whole iboga root and NOT the iboga root bark, which was being advertised on the site. My symptoms I experienced MUCH more closely matched my accidental poisoning with the whole root than they did of any previous experiences with either iboga root bark or iboga TA extract.

Selling whole root extract as oppose to root bark TA is a highly dangerous and irresponsible move on this companies' part. I emailed them my concerns (my friend spent £720 on this), and the company failed to even apologise, let alone offer a refund (they passed on the blame onto their supplier), giving us a drivel of a reply stating that they only offer botanical specimens not for human consumption.

So yeah, to summarise, I was very unimpressed with both the quality of this company's TA, and their general conduct, so I say avoid like the Ebola virus, and seek out your iboga have been warned.
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Re: - AVOID!!!
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2016, 05:19:40 AM »
And for ayahuasca ,do they have good product?
I do?t understand because when you make extraction on the whole roots ,you take only alcaloïde
And i never heard that the whole roots are dangerous for extraction? But i understand it can if you take
Like this for ceremony because Normally it´s inner roots bark where There are more alcaloid
Sorry î'am not expert on this
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Re: - AVOID!!!
« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2016, 06:45:51 AM »
Sad news, thought maybe they have good since they have in offer cameroon and gabon bark.

Same bark got my friend from popular guy on face-group-ib.universe, his name is sacramental james.

Friend gave sample to me and cousin, we made TA of it, we also got red-blood eyes, exausted for days with lack of energy for anything, brain zaps when moved around room.

Cousin couldnt move his right leg for two days!

It is so reckless that people send such stuff to world, but many of them are very poor in africa or just want more money, so

they take garbage first layer of root, that local farmers throw away and send to people, you could die from that stuff or stay paralized for whole life!

Think that you can only trust maya, IW, cerberus, but these days it is hard to trust even them since Ib started to be big business and there is big demand for it.