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Info on Bwiti Gods
« on: June 30, 2010, 01:49:57 PM »

Godchecker/Countries/Gods from African Mythology...

MEBEGHE: Drug-induced Creator God of the Bwiti religion-cult.

In the forest of Gabon grows a plant called Tabernanthe Iboga. It has twisted roots, polka-dot pink leaves — and hallucinogenic properties to match. A few nibbles at the iboga root will send you soaring into a drug-induced world of weirdness. You may even get religion — which is exactly how the Bwiti cult began.

MEBEGHE seems to be a tripped-out take on the three-in-one Creator God NZAME. An afternoon munching iboga must have given a completely new angle on everyone's favorite God. We're not sure what kind of angle, but without the benefit of mind-enhancing substances we'll just have to try our best.

Before you can make a cosmic omelette you have to make a Cosmic Egg. You will need underarm hair, a piece of brain, and a pebble from the sea. You will also need to be a God like MEBEGHE. You can then blow on the ingredients and your egg will form. Hand it to a spider to hang between sky and sea and cook it in sunshine.

When it is hot you must fertilize it. Then when it cracks you have descendants. This is the exciting bit. In MEBEGHE's case there burst forth NINEPONE and her brother NONE. Shortly followed by the strange and unsettling EVUS.

There are more exciting recipes to create worms and termites. These in turn dish up a big ball of dung which becomes Earth Pudding. There may also be animals, birds, plants, and giant triangular zootfroodles, depending on how much iboga you happen to be chewing.

MEBEGHE's three new deities were placed upon the Earth and told to behave themselves. Needless to say, they didn't. It wasn't long before sex and drugs and dead warthogs had ruined all chance of a happy ending.

The cult of Bwiti is still going strong in several parts of Gabon and Cameroon. There are many strenuous rituals to deal with and also a lot of complicated secret handshakes. Meanwhile, MEBEGHE has found new fame in the West as Zame-Ye-Mebege, the Discordian God of Narcotics. It's a weird old world.

Also known as NAZ, NZAMBI

NZAME: It all gets very confusing, just like some Godly soap opera. The story so far…

After consultation with the animals, NZAME creates the first man, Fam, who is blessed with power, wealth and immortality. And he turns out to be an arrogant cocky wastrel. NZAME buries him in a hole and tries again.

Second man Sekume, being made mortal, is far more modest, and humbly makes himself a wife out of a tree. (Her name is Mbongwe, which may or may not be of any importance in the long run.) Original man Fam, playing the immortality card, comes back from the dead to create trouble. End of episode one.

Next week, NZAME falls in love with new girl MBOYA, and they have a son called Bingo. Yes, Bingo.

There are many episodes of family quarrels, squabbles and feuds until NZAME, in a fit of rage, throws Bingo out of Heaven. (By now the soap was going on so long it needed a bit of fresh impetous.) Bingo is found by a wizard called Otoyom who secretly raises the Godly child.

NZAME, now repentant, searches together with MBOYA through many episodes to find their lost child, but Otoyom is always one magic step ahead of them. Bingo reaches adulthood and becomes a teacher to all mankind.

Will NZAME ever find him? Will he ever be reconciled to his parents? Will he ever confess to being MEBEGHE on his day off? What is Fam up to? Is Sekume still married to a tree? Meanwhile back in the East End of Coronation Street new neighbours have moved in…


NINEPONE: Drug-induced Goddess of Fertility who holds up the world in the Bwiti religion-cult.

She was born from MEBEGHE's Cosmic Egg, along with her younger brother NONE and their somewhat evil half-brother EVUS.

Entrusted with the guardianship of the night and the sanctity of the female spirit, she remained a virgin right up until the first time she had sex.

Unfortunately, her first sexual enounter was with EVUS. He must have whispered sweet evil nothings in her ear, as she then made the leap from half-brother to full-brother and took NONE into her bed.

All these shenanigans made MEBEGHE very cross — and as a punishment NINEPONE now carries the world upon her head. There's not many sexual liaisons you can get up to in that position.

NONE: Father of the Human Race and God of Metalwork, Ironmongery, Arts, Crafts and Publishing in the drug-induced Bwiti religion-cult.

NONE popped out of the Cosmic Egg just after his sister NINEPONE. The Creator God MEBEGHE set them down in a lovely village on Earth, while their strange semi-sibling EVUS lurked in the jungle nearby.

All was bliss for a while, but EVUS became bored of lurking and started making a nuisance of himself. After a while he got bored of that too and sneaked around the outskirts of the village. There he bumped into NINEPONE — and the two of them managed to seduce each other.

It was a case of 'keep it in the family' after EVUS persuaded her to seduce her brother too. The world's first case of incest led to the first human beings. But MEBEGHE was very cross and banished her to the void just underneath the planet.

Meanwhile, NONE was faced with a multitude of screaming baby humans and no widwife. It was then that EVUS proved he wasn't entirely evil — just misunderstood. He sat NONE down and explained to him the secret lore of ironwork, carpentry, bookbinding, textiles and painting.

So a relieved and happy NONE set to work — and was able to keep the kids happy with toys, games, musical instruments, books and sports equipment.

Also known as EKURANA

EVUS: Drug-induced Trickster God of Irritation if not Evil in the Bwiti religion-cult.

MEBEGHE the Creator made the Cosmic Egg, out of which burst NINEPONE and her brother NONE. But there was also a Cosmic Placenta and Umbilical Cord. (These things happen in drug-induced religions.) The left-over bits formed the body of EVUS, a strangely twisted Godlet with a co-joined twin by his side.

This twin, named Ekurana, possessed the power of thunder. But he spent most of his time sleeping and turning a blind eye to EVUS's goings-on. For EVUS was wayward, annoying, and often very naughty indeed.

Knowing EVUS's nature, MEBEGHE in his wisdom banished him to the jungle to prevent strife. So it was probably him that first discovered the hallucinatory properties of the iboga plant. Meanwhile NINEPONE and NONE were treated to a nice village setting with all mod cons.

EVUS prowled around the jungle growing increasingly bored and dissatisfied. He started to comfort-eat antelopes and warthogs, and make irritating noises in the dead of night. Finally NINEPONE went out to see what was going on. And found herself unexpectedly seduced.

After that things went rapidly downhill. NINEPONE slept with her brother and EVUS got the blame. EVUS, possibly feeling remorse, taught NONE some useful but very forbidden D.I.Y skills — which made MEBEGHE hate him even more.

The end came in a flash. MEBEGHE gave Ekurana, EVUS's co-joined twin, a prod which finally woke him up. He unleashed a thunderbolt which knocked his brother for six and sent him deep into the bowels of the Earth. We're not sure if the twins were separated in the process. EVUS is stuck there to this day, but has anyone seen Ekurana lately?


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Re: Info on Bwiti Gods
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Very cool and interesting information GD.