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Re: Achtwan's entry
« Reply #15 on: August 04, 2010, 02:04:02 PM »
Hiya Roy!

You're right, 1.5g is not that much.  I had just been relieved (temporarily) of a mountain of stress and had been meditating daily for about 3 weeks just before the experience, which no doubt greatly helped me to quiet my mind and enjoy the trip.  It was very mellow and because it was not extreme, I am still able to clearly remember those visions and conversations that I found interesting and helpful.

"Some people take 4 or 5gm"

When I later took 3.5g, it was considerably more intense  --  I could 'see' the room and the visions through closed eyes covered by my hands at the initial peak.  That seemed to be a result to some degree of taking ayahuasca a week earlier.

"Was it like a full Experience, with lights, visions, watching a movie on a giant screed, did ya get sick and lose your lunch?"

Yes, yes, yes, yes and no.

"Mushrooms, psychedelics and things like that really make me feel better and not just when I am under the influence but it makes me a little bit better each time I do it. I learn more, I mellow out more, ya know what I mean?"

I do indeed!  Ibo is not the only plant that leaves an 'after-glow'!

Yer Buddy,