Author Topic: another question re: upcoming treatment dosage  (Read 2621 times)

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another question re: upcoming treatment dosage
« on: August 17, 2010, 04:54:27 PM »
Also wondering.. For my upcoming treatment, using 18mg/kg I've calculated a dose of about 1250mg. When the medicine arrives I will have 1 gram HCL and 6 grams TA.. I'm assuming that they are already measured out grams. So my basic plan was to take 1 gram TA (approx 300mg Ibogaine right?) as my test dose, then an hour or so later begin the flood with the whole 1 gram HCL. However after more reading, it seems like a lot of people have success and better memory of things when gradually increasing the dosage, though I've also read a lot about just doing a large flood for addiction purposes.

I don't have any equipment to measure things out, so if I end up needing to do any separation I will only be able to eyeball it, which I know isn't always so easy when working with such small amounts. Also, I am mainly using this for addiction recovery, though I'm sure I will get much more out of it than that. But other than one relapse last week, I've been clean for well over 2 months now, so is 18mg/kg still recommended for this addiction treatment purpose? Or should I consider starting with a lower dose since withdrawal won't be an issue. Any thoughts are appreciated, thanks all.
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Re: another question re: upcoming treatment dosage
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2010, 08:54:27 PM »
Well, 18mg/kg is a light dose for me, so you may as well go for that.  Without a scale, I am sure the TA will come in one package, not separated into grams.  I would take a gram of TA with a gram of HCl..  If you need more, you can always take it as needed, but I would venture to bet with 1 gram of each, you should get what you need.  I am an extreme hard head, so I would probably do 2g of TA with 1 g of HCl..  Also, the TA may contain about 300mgs of ibogaine per gram, but the other alkaloids do add to the effects, so it'll probably be more like eating a half gram of HCl, with some slight differences..  I wouldn't worry about going over the mark, but under can make you wish you would have done more..  I say go for it.  Eyeballing the Ta is pretty safe, so don't worry too much, you'll be fine.  Good luck on your healing journey!

PS.  A cheap scale that weighs to the tenths place can be found online or in head shops or similar for about 20-30 bucks..

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Re: another question re: upcoming treatment dosage
« Reply #2 on: August 18, 2010, 10:23:51 PM »
18 mg/kg by anyone - except GD's - standards is pretty adequate dosing...I have had success using 15mg/kg of TA for addiction interruption. My first flood experience was with this dose, and it was totally effective and a great experience. Though, as has been stated, in retrospect I could have certainly done more, and if I knew afterward how the ride would have been - I almost certainly would have aimed for 20mg/kg with the TA. Ceiling doses are generally advised to not exceed 25 mg/kg, and this is also usually talking about ibogaine hcl. Large doses are requisite for a flood, to be sure, but if you are not needing to push any toxic dope or crap like that out of your system, you will probably find you need less to attain the full-on trip. I am thinking 18mg/kg should be plenty - you can always bump it up if you're comfortable and feel like going deeper. I suggest measuring out 20mg/kg, and taking 18mg/kg...give it a couple hours and stack the remainder if you're still able to think about stacking it at all. You'll certainly have enough for a boost left over.

Also be mindful of what GD said about the TA - that there may be 300+ mgs of ibogaine therein, but also a conglomerate of analogues which in their own rights are powerful medicines...some even stronger than the isolated ibogaine. These are typically differentiated from hcl by a slower onset, greater propensity for 'visions'...and perhaps deeper trance where the is more 'psychedelia'. Also the total alkaloid is longer in duration. Mixing the two (TA and hcl) has been something I have wished to try for myself but haven't had the chance yet. A gram of each for your mg/kg scale is well within safe margins, but will likely blow your socks off. Good questions, keep up the Great Work and let us know how you fare! Best wishes and blessings!
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