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Re: voacanga to ibogaine
« Reply #15 on: December 07, 2013, 02:20:24 PM »
Hey peeps, I know this an old thread, but think this interesting and worth looking into what with the news iboga is getting ever scarcer, seeking out other sources of ibogaine I think would be very wise and a service to the plant.  Some info from Dr Chris Jenks that may be of interest:

In my own studies, acetic acid doesn't remove alkaloids from root bark as fast as dilute HCl does, but I don't know if that matters in extracting alkaloids from solvent. Actually, based on my recent work with Voacanga, I would expect acetic acid to be most likely to leave behind voacangine in the limonene extract because that is the least basic alkaloid. That's not a bad thing since voacangine seems to only cause stomach aches.

[So it seems like the voascangine is, or can be, a source of stomach cramps. But for Voacanga extraction for ibogaine conversion, it is interesting to note that voascangine is the least basic alkaloid, in iboga at least. So this may be worth knowing with regard to choice of solvents used in extraction, not sure how one would go about purifying it though.]

All your questions were addressed last year at the ibogaine conference in Vancouver:

In short, your understanding is correct. You can extract powdered Voacanga bark with a non-polar solvent and remove most of the more basic alkaloids with weak acid like dilute acetic acid, then remove the weak bases like voacangine with a strong acid like HCl. Bob Sisko uses toluene for the initial extraction of root bark, showing that this is feasible. However, on the scale needed to make a difference in the market it would be much more economical to extract the bark with strong dilute acid and recover them by precipitation with base - or make the extract less acidic and extract out voacangine directly. The only other thing I would like to emphasize, although it is covered in the above presentation, is that these extractions need to be repeated to be efficient, just as the extraction of iboga bark with dilute acid is best repeated at least six times.