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Some member poetry
« on: November 07, 2010, 09:52:17 AM »
Here are a few I wrote after my first and second floods respectively.

last full moon of winter

Oh Demeter I've cried with you
When I was still just a young fool
On the edge of a precipice deep
I nodded sweetly off to sleep

In the dark of a moonless night
She feels her child, but no sight
Persephone bound in torture and rape
Mother can offer no escape

Escape for Mother can be attained
Relief from her Heart's greatest pain
Plucking a poppy from her crown
She hears a scream from beneath the ground

Can this be my Persephone hark?
Cries the great Mother in the dark
But their screams are too far to meet
And they must face the great defeat

She walks the path back to her hearth
And brews the tea which warms her Heart
The tea has steeped, she takes a sip
And eases the quivering of her lip

Greatest sadness a daughter lost
Miles below the glistening frost
But only from lost, one may claim
Can come the joy of found again

I am awakened from my sleep
And gaze down the precipice deep
The view makes my stomach bend
But it is good to be awake again

 The big 5

I seek a cup of flesh and bone
I seek my mother and my home
I wander the earth in search of these
Over the mountains and through the trees

To find a blade of the hardest steel
It swings like a gust when aimed to kill
And when the sword has found it's aim
I stand victorious, I lay my claim

Where is this coin of the purest gold?
That is for every man to hold
Most will dig a lifetime into the earth
Only to find they held it since birth

There is a stick that conjures flame
A budding rod by another name
And when this branch is in my hands
I shall burn brighter than any man

What lofty goals I have set
Of good and evil to forget
To rise into the aether high
My spirit shall fill the entire sky

Iboga Panacea

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Re: Some member poetry
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2010, 05:50:59 PM »
Tracking the Future

Guarded by a predisposed inclination
The journey awoke through veneration
A bloodstream accustomed to this vital substance
Genetic memory beaming customs
The root purging of all excess
Hidden faults emerging as it detects
Surgery performed in the most precise detail
Adorned with a feather swallowing the holy grail
An interpreter enters the word of being
The inevitable merger with the third eye all seeing
Speaking through figments of a greater whole
The microcosm which plays an even larger role
Two sides of reality break through the core
Beauty of love immune to the agony of war
Polarities may disturb the body but counsel the soul
The iboga spirit instructs ones ultimate goal
A waking dream becomes a photographic memory
Taking what comes is the only way to ecstasy
No rational human could register our species' ability
And no corrupted sapien could infer their futility
Lines will be drawn in the sand of consciousness
Defined by how we treat the land in the process
The horror of deviancy will end in cannabalism
Locking whole societies into self imposed prisons
PlanTanary angels hold the balance of our true missions
Utilizing what God endowed to earth
The practice of reincarnation finds rebirth
In one lifetime equating with all those forgotten
The coming together from the highest to the bottom
The new world disorder knows to leave Gabon alone
The sophisticated magic of the bwiti will turn them into stone
Ngangas and curanderos are fed up with the abuse
Be very careful what you ask for is what you choose
The precipice is spinning at a rapid pace
Only one human race could end the rat chase
Pygmy children hold our anscestors in tact
Many evil sorcerers will attempt to distract

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Re: Some member poetry
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2010, 06:08:44 PM »
mushroom & IP,

You guys are great!  I feel like a real leaker posting poems from other people.  I do thank you for your efforts, which somehow encouraged me to write a little something.  Stark and simple it is, but it appears all I can do at present.     ~ et

To increase this,
     limit that.

To nurture this,
     starve that.

To nurture that,
     starve this.

To balance this?
To balance that?

To nurture balance
     is balance.

Balance and harmony
     play a sublime duet.

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Re: Some member poetry
« Reply #3 on: November 24, 2010, 07:58:27 PM »
Excellent work my friends, I am impressed. Keep it coming, I see genuine talent and heartfelt inspiration me an impetus to not be chicken amongst you badasses. I am very private about my poems and stories, but I think having this board here will loosen me up. Thanks to you all for sharing, magnificent words, beautiful and authentic...
" I am you and what I see is me..."