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« on: March 01, 2010, 10:23:58 AM »

REM' the scene' a blood red tornado as from above' looking down the throat of the gallaxy'
Multi-colour ping pong balls' yellow' green' blue' red' orange' float by in "Strings' bounding along their hidden code'
Travel out fast and even' into the tunnel' walls of shimmering energies'
Ahead a scene of gentle rolling clouds' the tunnel connected to the Sun Star'
Perception reality is manifested though this tunnel' through imagination and Will'
The tunnel the focal x of conciousness'
Connected in body with emotion gravity memory'

Twisted Ladder ! ! riggles and evolves with vibrant molecules' dancing in the sunlight'
A rollercoaster ride; orchastrer of infinite complex beauty'

Like something is looking through the tunnel' using our body as a space suit'
Connected by this long complex tube' that twist its way through time and space'
Space suit matrix socket
Feel the earth'
She revolves' we evolve'
Look to the mountains and see "Eagle'' go to the oceans see "Gull " sit at home see sparrow'
Everything is perfect !


Nobuoni +

Everything is perfect'


Nobuoni +

Mirror x! + !x

People talk as I think'
Tap' tip' Tap' Tap' Tonk' molecule ping pong ! !

The filing cabinets of memory are gently closing :)))

The star is bright this day'

Be well +

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Spinal Vertebra and the Witch'
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Spinal Vertebra and the Witch'

Many headed snake of spinal vertebra' rised to coil from mire Shod riddden' a pool of crockadile teeth'
Flowing of primal animal' awaiting to raise eyes from mud of evolutuons coil' To taste! Life!
Grey yellow shimmering segments flowing' writhing' questioning the purple sky'
Heads of dragons' preditors evolving' flashy grins and steely smiles'
The Witch of WAR V V' does dances arrows rain' on psychi's eyes'
Yamao' Owl' O'wl smashes through' flashing fields and mountain glades'
Tree and stream' a coating all in feathers' sweet of browns of subltle pinks'
Softness of fields in Autum' as late corn blusters' waving to a breeze'
The worrysome Witch took as mouse' like leaf flutter to blue yonder'
Her stick a twisting' Distant tummbling'
She never even said' "Goodbye!



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Fingers carress fresh moist soil' to till a row'
Rain clouds' distant' aback blue yonder'
The rustle of wind through hair' sun to warm the land and back'
Aliken to a seed to burst forth new life for spring'
A blosssom to open' fresh "scent" sences upon the air'
Eyes a squint the glorious sunlight' that dances in the garden'
When tiny birds sing in each new day' bright n' early' sweetly songed'
Delight and pleasure dancing the cords of creation through heartland valleys'
To breath and sigh' deeply' flowing' knowing a way to build new tappestry of life'
Emotions gentle spring showers' to swell the seeds to sprout'
It all becomes ancient' simple knowing' much gay' of pure delight'


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A little Chat~
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A little chat'~
Music is the rythm of life' through and through to all' PARTY PARTY PARTY' in the country in the barns in the woods in the wharehouses' stick it in your face'
Folks getting it on with their psychis' It is like sex ' you keep going, and going and going' until eventually, big pipe' lay down and die' laughing a the absurdity of it all'~ he eh feck' mashup' too much sneeky elfs spoof' but still she don't lie' music don't lie, unless it is crap'~ an folks tell me it is awesome ha aha ah'
Get the flow going' then you just got to learn of how to jump them mountains and attain the hight required to see' on the way out, on the way back' or out there' it don't matter to me' unless the pixels beat me' and dissolve into nothingness'
great' Scag just got delivered next door' death in and envelope' shall deliver material, fuckin pain to thy brain for all eternity, to fold until the golden claws of mongolian railed smiling cats eyes, rips you to fuckin pieces, crawling' pucking' then dashes you on the rocks of your own emotion' in hell' the torment of spirit not flying, shall sit in thy bones for untill the stars screem' let me go from this fuckin sin' of Herion'
Excuse me my good fellow' to invoke of a sweet sweet ANGEL upon thy head' of those that seek' GOD through smack' may the light of all, shine above thy psychcic pain'' give unto them sucker of heart over body' to see of all' one love' not death of needle, pain emotion in a box' don't boot the psychi with scagg folks it is fuckin shit in hell of Satan and more' he he he invoke of angel to show material' feck feck feck the man fears me next door' unreal cos I kn ow of how to kill angel an let you choose an new one ha ah ah ha ha'

aya'eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'a' bang that fuckin drum'
Angry again' seriously fuckin angry' anger out anger back at you; he he eh'

I is serene as a mill pond in the expectation of the morning sun' as it ghostly pries through the mists' hiding hedges, making of bird quite' of no breeze to tickle leaf into life' maketh of everything wet with anticiations pain release of the first crack of sunlights new day' The dew spasms and grows large of fullnes of rainbow patterns across ones eyes' hold fill and explode' The sun' hitting tree, medow field and sky' slowly distinguising fences, cows, Crow in the trees' no breeze' the sunlight turns the swirl with her heat' everything begins to steam' whiping upwards gently turning in the light' Breath of God' breath deeply fill the lungs of life to explode as the sun giver of life'

He he ehe' I am a star flowing in sea afield of photon light'

My focus is greater than the surrounding light' No body 'everything void' fell on the floor' ooooooooooh my doggy cryed of belief of death' seriuous purge both ends symultaniously,
Bath 'of triangles an noise now' funky tunes he ehe feck' wibble wobble' fall down like a log, in a field of multi-coloured daisies' to push up stem towards the sun' ha ha

funky look at all the purple flowers' funky' it goes like this' blow' it slows' slowly getting bigger' then it reflects itslef' light music rythm' funky style'
ha ha ha' lost it' ooooooh yes'

The Eagle flies high' of to see the mountain ere' dark caves in them winds' that scream the craggy spires' of rumblings, rocks falling down the scree' she circles high amongst the blueness' not troubled of cloud' souring now' head pointed at the wind, speeding dive across the mountain face' eye bright' yellow ringed, deep glossy black of centre' beack hooked and poised of alabasta hovering over a gentle curve to point', feathers dashing backwards as if the scree of the mountain side, golen browns flecked yellows' deep hues of smokey gey blue' the cheek grins with speed' dashing low, pullup for the stall' drop' cunning now standing upon a rock' turning head eastwards, down the valey to the shore lines' distant line' tiny birds' gulls, swirl amongst the horse broken white surf' spreading wings to wing to lift' one stroke to the air' wind caries upwards body, head drop, balanced fall to sky, ground moving very fast below'~ of sight to see' valley green, buttercups, sitting' kissing to the sweet caress of light' fresh breezes caress the grasses' little earwig riggles amongst lasts falled twig' birds hop amongst the peebles of lifes stream' flicking this and that to see beneath, the secrets of treasures, maybe within' the curiosity of lifes expssion' eh he' the little snake still wriggles in the pools' of to give head to it's own reflection' Curious entity' always looking in the mirror, to double of treasure through harshness of pride' your coat is your jewles of Imaginations to see of all' reflected' as little minnows swim dancing in the brown glistened murky waters' of weeds flowing in the current of ones emotions; smile to see the essence of it all' as flowers pose their purfumes, so soil and rock posses their's, in harmony with the cycles of the skies' of all the little curiosities, little brown gey squirel, sits and, titchles wiskers, proud of body and coat of light' little paws as if to tiny to cary of food for to store' aloft flying through tree top branches, as an unruly mind'

As I write it' as it is' emotion symbol, moves mind for to create' serious power moving' energies that can explode a universe into existence'
I shall keep to my medows for now' anger knocks at the door'
"Too the back of the line my friend I shall talk with you later') Gone as commanded') oh my I just became the music) ez'~

Body ice cold now' death is close' (oh my' secrets oh chemistry' breath' all input is output' reflections fly through the X OXO' stretch' move' hold' release'
Create'~Rythm' shame about all the symbols to mash through, cos auto pilot is nearly online:)~ dislexic as hell' for upa nd down' not left to right as of yet'
Memory holds to itself, as if glue to hold a form remembered' throw more wood on the fire' my dear' for my body ails me to be warm' sweet apples of press' for of breaths shorteness I be'~ Of to feel the earth shaking, as bolders rumble emotion though halls of ones temple' like curtains, and flags of reds and yellows blowing in the wind'

Rivers flow as if in murky pools of swirling muds' armies march as shoden of foot sandle' amongst pools of many crabs' the lady looks and smiles meakly, somewhat of concern, but still of whatever, for she has seen it all' the bodies upon and in the land' Way too many spears moving against the threatening sky' questions of war oneside' or growing in the sunlight of the glorious palace' planting of ones imaginations seeds' or holding of sword and spear, against of each' for righteiousnesses face' like a banner grinning diffiance to the heaving sea'
Now the question begs to differ of why the blatant pride' is not your coat covered speckled enough with all the stars of the heavens' "Yes' I can not hold them' only see the beauty of them shine, as I strutt amongst the wove of my coat' my hands have no substsnce' to hold of these diamond beauties'
So you are want of desire then' this face of pride you treasure so to show'
Yes of all to be as of mine to hold'
Because it is so beautiful'
Even if it is not yours to hold'
Ah Sir pride' you are very hard to see' you make of five to hold headstrong' can't you see the beauty is free'
Pride dissolves' to the ether as heart looks to the sky' of clouds points' rolling' fluffy' pink of evening sunlight'
So the dakness is not far ay' always lurking upon the horizon of ones conciance's' conciousness'~
The void is deep'~
So you sit with me now even though I do not evoke of you so'
It is my way' To sit and argue of to show of only one'

Birds fly' white birds circle high' amongst a vortex twisting' walls thundering of grey smoke energies, upwards downwards, convection of plantet to eh sky returned' feeding' twisting' coioling' upwards downwards, pulsing like a great heart' to look within is to just get photon streamed out of concious existence'
As breezes of shocked awe shatter ones sight' like a trillion rolls of wall paper holding of pattern even though twisted through the vortex of creations spiral' reflected both ways'
Atop it now looking down the great gaping vortex throuth of what' I can only slightly fathom to understand' looking ato of the tube of my own existence twisting' mirrored of tunnel' top to bottom' ha ha the grin of fear shows here head' yes what do you want' is it safe' fuck off is it safe' how would i know'
You made it she whispers gently, rialling fingers through my hearts emotion'

Ok madam fear, come with me to my mountain top' come with me and see of youself an all your glory'
Trudging up rolling down mountasin sctee grey, ominious clouds hovere above, pentsant of lightning storms danger'
"Come on keep going'
Fear is sitting on the mountain slowpe looking upwards'
Take of staff and walk'
Fear resigns and trugges on' H
How high you figure on going'
to the top'
What the top this mighty mountain?

Stasnding now atop a ledge' only sky and clouds above' mountain side, covered in jagged grey scree rocks below'

Ok sister fear, jump'

Will you catch me if I do'


What if I fall faster than you'

Impossible' JUMP'

Fear grabs here coat and wraps it tight'

Of what do you fear fear'





Ah so you are memory then' attachments, like a suit case full of bodies attachment memories'


Ah wow' throw all the cloths out' I shall make of you knew more brilliant garments to wear'

You will?

Yes I shall'~

Ok fear' hold my hand' yes' and we shall jump together'
We will?

Yes we shall'~

On the count of three'

Why three'?

On the count of three'

Breath' one'

Breath' two'


hold on!!!

Ah for the love of all sacred' What?

Will it hurt'

A little'

So why do it'~

Cos you shall feel better after'
Better of what'
Of loss of all the suit case of attachments'
I like my photos and memories'
Keep them then, just throw away the suitcase that contains all of them'
But I will lose them'

You shall not lose anything'


You'll have to drag me'


you said it hurts'

A little'

Then why do it'

Because it will make you light enough to fly and not fall'

Fly like the Eagle'


OK lets go'

ha ha ha'

Weeeeeeeeeeeee' look at me I am flying'

Shut up fear, enjoy the ride'

Oh I shall'~

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmh' food'~

he he he monkeys!!!

More wood on the fire' I am still freezing' of throws of death' my body shakes like, volcanoes wispering, to let go' of fume and blume their dust rock smokne to the sky'

hot bath'~




Soapy sudsy waters' rolling warm refreshing sparkles like new rain, through my aura' dancing behind my eyelids like mirraided icecream cones' all touching, and changind places as they dance'



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Body fuzzy warm of glow' within skin' of energies do flow'
A slithering around ones core' to coil a tentacle tentative to a smile'
And chase the little fish of reason to their death' of eating to fulfil
of utterances and silly screams to smother of ones precious attachment memories'
rolling on the ground' body fuzzy moving as of mud, in warm volcanic flows'
Writhing as a wet sea snake' up the tree bows surround about' of to chase the little monkeys to flight'
slowly roll around ones eye mind' evolving' green and blue' eruptions of tattered leaves' sputter to the florry foliage'
Aye to dance the twisted morph' of to see the spring elk frolic' kicking of oaken mosses' body blowing steam to the fresh crystaline morning air'
Of a many millions of blades of grass' tinkled toed by tiny ant' a glisten of sun dew' a covered with array of fallen pine leaves' spiked'
Flatter' fly by' dear butterfly' of two wings of yellow greens and reds' to browns of oranges' to cover oneself within cocoon' of glowing pinks of variant light' as rapped of leafs as cigars do hold' like a silk worm folding weaving home' to pupate' to grow of wings' within a bound of threaded cove' a mantle coat of rainbow's colours' too flight' of when she grows'
To squiggle and giggle at the scene of oh' so many dragonflies' zipping buzzing by' dancing on the water Lilly flowers' as dazzling Suns, glistening' explosions' of new buds opening of the dawn light' through the pools of leafy pads within ones eyes'
Softness of daisies racing face' going about showing' of' secrets delights' within the golden ladder of evos' coil' of petals spreading' uncovering of pistils' to stamen' of to smother fuzzy Bees' with pollen burs like tea cakes' n' candy' upon lolly sticks' to feed of nectar' to glitter of where too ever'
Flash as rainbow trout' a jumping' of the pooling mire' of where I left my soul this nite' a flapping like a rag a torn upon a wind blown barb' of the fence that contains ones heart~
Of pipe a hanging from toothless jaw do smile' as little whisper smokes a heckles to the sky'
As to arch my back and breath' the waters of flexed trouty tails do spangle in the air to glisten' as falling through ether, seeking craggy barken tree trunks' little riddles of droplet's water to the mulch' that bow of low majestic stares' and whisper in the softly spoken winded lofty halls' do flutter of tiny branches' leafed of high' atop' their bows' upon the mirrored waters' as reflections' photographs' a flat of stare~ upon the timeless lake~ Infinity~
Oh pool of moonlight tickle to give of precious silvers' to the glade of steady legs a standing of oh so many trees'
Of casting shadows as swords drawn' wicked to the nite'
Flash the comet strikes it cord of symmetry and flies by'
distant now' with stars a shinning' to smile another day, no doubt' return of arc to orbit of this glade of woods a standing' of shimmering glow a golden bow' a smelling of new cut hay'
Of now a splodge this day of all about one's body self emulsions' emotion' folding' molding in the earth' as tiny specks of sand, as satellites to settle to find of wear a comfort'
ah ha' they cry, there will be another launch in five'
Too of where and ever wonders of your mind's devise'
Another launch' to wait of five is naught to cry of' as of when you can hold the joystick of the little helicopter'
Aye' e' of where the flight manual of mind to re-collect of all the baggage' twas left upon the ground'
It shall be there upon your return "Sir" to pick through as you choose' the left luggage sign smiles by'
As splatted to the train window glass' as tiny fly' left luggage' smiling like a clown' behind'
Express to no-where' with return' the ticket puncher smiles' clunk the door a closing'
One breath infinity does smile'
of all blasted' asunder' squashed by G-force to the max' now gliding'
Breathing spirals collide and hold for a moment, zap asunder of a trillion braided cosmologies, galaxies do fly'

This is your Captain speaking' "Your mission has ------------' hold on folks' Warp factor nine' with comet tail' imminent'

Assume the position says the Custom man'
is the question'

The journey is over'?
Of where is all the luggage man?'
That was left upon the ground'

"Oh we gave that all to Oxfam Sir' you gone of nearly ninety nine''
Of O' to aught of everything'
The little children loved your suitcase''

that can't be right' to shake ones head at all the pop'
And dive below the covers once again' of ones quilt' to see of all the colours smile' within the dark to shine~
And again and yet of me of all'
As of within enormous sheets of rainbows' pundit atoms to the mind' expanded to nothingness'

"Your ticket sir" the conductors smiles'
"Your return is imminent"~

ha ha ha to smile of all the beauty and chaos of it it all' unreal' for sure'
as little fish a swimming' to dance within the sunlit pools' and playing with crabs amongst the seaweeds flowing of reds and greens'
Unreal of all of what and ever is the question'
As lady octopi drift by milling, a lips a glowing pink n' purple, little whirl pools of mind' exploding all around as a subtle swirls'
Of all to fall within the felt of oh so large a tornado' flying across the heavens of the atolls of ones crescent Suns emotions' folding to fulfil' of all desire' "I am"
Body fuzzy warm of glowing within skin' of energies do flow' Unreal'

ha ha ha'


oops I broke it once again' unreal for sure without even trying unreal' of to be different upon return'

ha ha ha ha ha' :')~~~

Very much wtfd' ~

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Of way too much beauty'
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Of way too much beauty'

Snus is cool' wake you up as when'

Excuse all Squid and octupi' can't see for shit through all these freakin symbols'


The universe is a bacteria' with an organic disease parasite called life'

Phew sea weed' hey who chucked Jonah in the belly of a whale' then let him roast on a beach'
Sat under a wattle' (I know of what he used the wattle for akasia he he he eh)'

Flat out here~

Singa killee me' ha ha ha ha' feck and then some more feck feck feck' phew' seriously wired now' ooooooooooh!!!

Mad ceremony, no resolution' just untold death' skulls, bones' decay' everything fleshless fish backbones'

Ahh thank the universe for weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!!

ooooooooooooh hold on bowl stuff again he he hee'

Incredible' all death' unreal he he he' got freakin skulls everywhere' aya scragged my ass' an then wiped th floor, and is still going for it'
Shipibo' vine' I am swearing' an Ox couldn't hold me down at the mo' molecule, then show me, ugly'

Make me cry and fold outwards along emotions curve to shime' another glory' then death' like oh so many clowns jeering' made me laugh so much I nearly passed out at the beauty of it it all' to clown and fall a million stars' red yellow balloons popping off upwards to the sky' along oh so many fine mesh matrix'
forest trees black standing, creepy animals glimpsed around the trunk' with blood red glowinmg eyes'
These are the fuckers I am here for' sitting in my bow' sucking on my sap'

Anger' pure primal unreasoned anger, like the belly of some obese lard caterpillar' nibbling at my leaves'

Only love can kill these parasites'


Phew' heavy heavy shit'


Searing white as lance to marrow' of arrow to my heart' slit me asunder in a thousand shards' of tears radiating, blood lust rage at purple head clouds roll like phantoms across the more land of my eyes' to the tip of my spine to rage again' as a rose' petals open' pistils seen of yellow desire to fill of raindrops sweetness' morning dew'

Phew' there is love on the other side of this mighty river sea thing'

Man I is ugly for sure'

Healing cloak of aya' wrapped and held in wove of greens and blues' the colours show of no disguise'

aya has taught me to chase the colours through the trees, turn them all to blood red fire' then grasp them in my hand until the burning makes me cry' they jump free of me and become as flowers, with petals that never die' scattered on the ground'

feck feck feck ' force 8 increasing gale force ten imminent' storm force 12' phew'

time to go again soon'


the journey has' aya says' only just begun for genunun'

phew I is seriously ugly'

Too my right sits a chap of bones with a bowler hat on his head like good old charlie chaplain'
to the right his bride' black to white' with red blood lust in the middle' they seek to devour me of mind and body for they have no souls of flesh' by reflection they are me of cause to be, but' and more' of no questions' I have seen the glory of my death to come' unreal aya' Pa' vine of the dead' respect a' Madre' Ayahuasca'
I have been given' of grace and glory of death to hold through my life glimpsed end' unreal and then some more unreal'
Man I should diet properly' this shit will kill me' :) he he he he he'~
I can't get over the beautiful ugliness of myself~

I am an Ogar' unreal for sure'

She sat me on the floor' and tore my heart out' then made me eat it without any gravy to saver the taste of flesh with'
Disgusted at, disgusted so to throw ones heart upon the floor'

Fuckin killed me'
got to go again'

Phew, my heart a million shards of atom fire glass'

Who said this game of chess was nothing to behold' is a fucking lyer for sure' of mask of wood that shifts and changes as the tangled roots of oh so many mighty trees' seeking water in the land' riddled with tiny beatles' a scurry to devour' and recycle'
To look to the sky' through a lofty canopy of grinning monkey clowns'
Gearing grabbing at my cloak, to tear and lay lots for sale'

My GOD I am awesomely terribly wretchedly beautifuly ugly'
terrifyingly so'~:)

Aya has given me leaprosy' I sit and watch as my flesh falls in gouts decaying to the floor of scattered leaves'
Tiny squirel like creatures come and eat of the decaying body' whilst a crow sits upon my head plucking out my eyes' the crow flies away' with my eyes' I can still see though through gaping sockets' a striped red black white' ribbed vest up on my chest' a gold pocket watch upon a chain, my hand slips around my black cane with silver skull as top' and I stand to survey a field of bones' I can see my toothless skull smile at the open-ness of such a vission' I raise my bony hand and doff my hat in respect of the deads that come to lie as a roadway before my eyes' an arm bone with hand pointing the dirrection to go' the crow comes back and dops my eyes into my left palm' then jumps as a little black dog, upon my lap' as I sit again upon a stump as stool' studded color' little red tongue hanging' a droole slowley drops and splashes to the bone strune floor' I look up and the bride stands in white' her skull gleeming bright as sun bleach' oh my' no eyes' here I say have these' I have no need of them' and hand her mine that crow left in my hand' she smiles agrin and eats my eyes'~ mine forever now she whispers' you have gold for my smile twinkles diamond glimpsed as pools of crystaline water' moonlit' morelands' green dales' a stream seen turns into her spine as seen over the top of bodice bosom' the dress hangs dirty on the rib bones' reaching into pocket I take a silver ring with scarlet ruby adorning the set' and place it on her finger bone' mine forever she whispers' mine forevere mine'

Crow flies off'

Phew' I is ugly ha ha ha ha'~

I require to make some fuckin noise and crush some rocks with sound' way too much light n' ugly he he he'

Of all this shit' unreal and then some more he he he eh'


then aya'


Pa' Made Ayahuasca, for answering my prayer'

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