Author Topic: Iboga and DMT or DPT - advise  (Read 2852 times)

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Iboga and DMT or DPT - advise
« on: February 18, 2011, 11:15:35 AM »

A friend of mine wants me to trip sit him. He has had a flood before once, but a rather weak one. Enough to call it a flood though, I'd say. Maybe because it was Iboaine HCL only and thus lacking certain elements that I'd deem necessary for it to be called a proper flood.
Anyways, he wants to do it again some time soon and is considering to mix it with either DMT or DPT. We'd go low on the dose, hes experienced, and all precations are taken. The question is rather: when? When do take it? He does not really want to use it somewhere in the middle and get a full blown DMT or DPT trip, just for it to fade out and the iboga trip fade in again, but rather a subtile low dose, that somehow adds to the iboga trip. So, thats why we'd probably go for DTP as its effects are longer and not as intense (compared to the 10 or so minutes extremes of DMT). We'd go for quite low oral dosage, dosage that'd be considered "too low" if one were sober, or just "try-out" dosages. At what time of the iboga trip is the right time? The first phase of ... well.. "waiting", i.e. the bodily phase? or rather the dreaming phase? or in between those two? afterwards? right now I'd tend to the phase in between the bodily phase and the dreaming phase, in order to enhance the dreaming phase of the iboga and do re-inforce the good / strong / pronounced effects of it, in order to more clearly show him what needs to be shown, so to speak
what do you guys think?

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Re: Iboga and DMT or DPT - advise
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2011, 06:32:45 PM »
Well, you're pretty much in new territory here.  I can't advise you when to take DMT or DPT during iboga, although, I might suggest getting to know iboga real well, and starting real low with the others.  I have done LSD with  low dose iboga, but not DPT or DMT with iboga.  I would probably try smoking DMT during the iboga visionary state if I could manage it.  I imagine the DMT experience would be prolonged, but I would feel safer because if it was too intense or unpleasant, I'd prefer it was shorter and DMT vaporized isn't a very long experience.  I am interested to hear how it goes for you both, though. 

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Re: Iboga and DMT or DPT - advise
« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2011, 12:00:57 PM »
Is DPT orally active on its own?  You'd need an MAOI to make the DMT work with iboga orally. Some people have used B.caapi with small doses of iboga root bark - me for one - and it's a great experience. But I 'left out' the DMT...iboga is so visionsry on its own IMO you do not need anything else.

Love to try some DPT one day  ;)
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