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small book on ibogaine
« on: March 17, 2011, 02:33:52 AM »
i have been asked to write a small informative book on iboga/ibogaine.

i am undertaking the part concerning its chemistry, metabolism and mechanism of action, including my own anecdotal report.

i don't insist that my name be stuck in there (as i have expanded the author staff by now anyway), but i do wish to make this as exhaustingly and adequately informative as possible, and am thus collaborating with as many people as i can think of.

just thought i'd ask if any of you people are interested in having a look and probably, if you wish, add/contribute, be that with your own personal experiences.

i also wish to include a lengthier section about the neuro-biochemical nature of addiction and biochemical 're-programming' and re-conditioning in general.
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