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Iboga Panacea

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(Applicable to those under the care of Papa Iboga and Mama Ayahuasca)

Drinking La Purga dwelling in the land of Lady Durga
Momentum escalating permutations
Discharging years of venom in such short duration
Dreams surrender to reality in the temple of innovation
Creating picturesque pyramids of opal details
The constant realization of what vocality entails
Our innate ability to speak like whales
At will to envision our prayers into formation
Humanities tradition to uphold creation
Psychospiritual processes incapsulated in in in infinity
Giving each moments purpose validity
Imporatance is weighed upon the aftermath
A maze bioessayed on forgiving others past
For a collection of future pastimes is breathing
This nocturnal appetite has magic conceeding
That fragile virginity of activated conciousness
A gem to be guarded with sincere promises
The vow of innocence is the only witness
To renounce grudges as the first premise
Magnification has preoccupied regrets
And the mother is the one to whom you must confess
Releasing of disfunction is an unconditional outlet
As the father is astute in acknowledgement
Making available all your secret content
Downloaded to your origins finds its forbearer
No reason to waste energy on false terror
You have been admitted to the club of love
Initiated by the heavens above
Crowned by the cult of raptured happiness
Chosed as the living emblem of bliss
Harnessed stead of descendends clutching fate
Now you know...
life was worth the wait.