Author Topic: Centripical Salve (furthur inspirations of love)  (Read 2317 times)

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Centripical Salve (furthur inspirations of love)
« on: July 24, 2011, 03:23:13 PM »
The Divine Mother governs resonance
Unequivical atmosphere of heavens
Those tears that bleed our problems
No blanket solution can bring back those forgotten
Unspoken truths are only instituted from within
That special place from whence all begin
The great face off was always with the self
A spirit of forgiveness begging for our help
The blame game is such a torturous endevous
In yet if we ever discover the sources treasure
Gossip would reflect our own intrepedations
That toxic energy that ruins expectations
The great deluge can be turned back at will
If instead of taking we returned our fill
The great revival of an ancient tradition
Working independent in a cohesive coalition
We are more than five material senses
The divine has made us eternally infinite
No weakness can be a stumbling block
The road is seamless for those who knock
Fessing up to years of hidden traumas
Is the only way to outmatch our daily dramas
Only one decision will resolve our needs
When the bandage of love cultivates our seeds
This is the ammunition written in hearts
Each one granting permission to embark
Upon an oddessey of shocking miracles
Yashua with great humor turning down the imperial
Instead sacrificing his life to prove fidelity
That smooth salve that harkens of the birds melody
The risk of giving unconditionally is misleading
It is the wish for living graciously that we are feening